Golf 2012

16th Annual Tiny Tim Am-Am Golf Tournament

Our Annual Golf Tournament was held at Chevin Golf Club on Friday September 6th 2012.

All summer, bookings were brisk and optimism high when it appeared that the golf slots would all be filled. However, we were not immune to the effects of the recession and were disappointed to receive a run of four team cancellations. This left us a little short of a full field.

We were reassured by the fact that sponsorship and donations for the auction were up to full strength so all we had to do was to hope that the sun would shine and shine it did!

We were blessed by the best weather of the summer, bright sunshine and soaring temperature and a great day was had by all our golf teams.

For the third successive year, we held our prize giving and supper celebration in the evening as a separate event. Two of our three Patrons were absent, Simon Groom, away on holiday, and James Lewis filming for the BBC. Tim Brooke – Taylor was with us and the evening was a great success. The auction was led by Stephen Iredale of Bamford’s Auction House and raised in excess of £1000.

At first count, the event raised just over £5000 but thanks to one extremely generous donation and a few smaller ones our final figure was £8100.00 – a fantastic total.

The golf tournament is our main fund raising event and without it our little charity would not survive. We are very grateful to the generosity and support of the people of Lea, Holloway and Dethick who support us by entering teams, providing raffle prizes, interesting items for the auction and making donations. This is very much appreciated.

Tiny Tim Trust supports children with special needs across Derbyshire and, in line with other areas of the UK, the economic situation is making life even more difficult for these children and their families. We need all the help we can get.

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