How we work

The Executive Committee oversees all activities of the Trust and it meets 3 or 4 times a year.

The Grants Committee deals with applications for grants. Details of its meetings are set out below.

Some of the professional members of the Tiny Tim Trust team serve on both committees.

Since the Trust started in 1994 we have received approximately 450 applications for items and resources of which we have funded 364. These were all assessed on each applicant’s individual circumstances by the Grants Committee. On average we have provided this kind of support to about 30 – 40 applicants each year in recent years. The criteria we apply when considering applications for funding are shown hereVirtually all of the income generated by the Trust is allocated to the applicants. None of our Volunteers claims any personal expenses: they all give their time for nothing.

Over the years we have funded a wide variety of items/resources. Example of some of these are shown here.

Grants Committee Meetings – 2016

Reports 2015


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